RT Air Shaft Group

With team spirit based on love and respect, RT Air Shaft aspires to ensure happiness of its employees and satisfy the customers all around the world.

We are specialized in products like

Pneumatic Shafts

The pneumatic shaft systems are manufactured as per steel, aluminum and friction requirements.


The standard size of our aluminum adaptors are in 3″ and 6″ and they can also be manufactured in 5″, 8″, 10, 12″ specially

Safety Chucks

Designed for safe use. Even if your operator forgets running the locking system, it locks automatically in the first cycle.

About us

Air Shafts Group combines its understanding of quality and experience with its creative and strong team. It gives high importance to quality in production, competitive price, complete customer satisfaction and in time delivery.

Our vision is to make our company a world leader offering the best prices for our products with perfect quality and understanding of service.

Our products are made of the best materials. We provide various machinery spare parts for the plastic packaging, textile and newspaper industries. We have high quality standards because your business is our priority.

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